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Another gift of Grace

Before I announce the winner to our giveaway celebrating Gracelyn's 1-year mark post-surgery, I am compelled to tell you another story of God's provision.

Yesterday, Gracelyn woke up sick. By sick, she was running a temp of 102.7. For her, any time her fever breaks 100, we are on the phone to our pediatrician. Yesterday was no exception. Except, my least favorite nurse in that office returned my call...without speaking to Gracelyn's doctor. This nurse has been around throughout Gracelyn's ordeal. On top of the nurse knowing the situation, I specifically requested our doctor be informed of Gracelyn's status.

Immediately after her splenectomy last year.
As I spoke with the nurse over the phone, she informed me that our doctor wouldn't want to see Gracelyn, as she hadn't ran a fever for three consecutive days. I KNEW better! Our doctor is very protective of Gracelyn and her situation. So, I was persistent, again stating that I wanted our doctor to decide whether he wanted to see Gracelyn or not. She relented when I said I could always cancel our appointment if the doctor didn't want to see Gracelyn. 30 minutes later, the same nurse calls back saying that yes, indeed, the doctor wanted to see Gracelyn. 

We arrived in Newton in time for our 9:50 a.m. appointment after dropping Jemma off with Grandpa. (SO glad I didn't take her with!) Normally when we go for precautionary measures, we are sent home with a prescription. But when the doctor lingered while listening to Gracelyn's lungs, I knew this time was different.

A lab was ordered. Gracelyn wasn't thrilled. We waited an hour and a half for results...during which time we perused Walmart and I just may have caved and bought Gracelyn a Pinkalicious doll...

A year later.
Luckily, Gracelyn's white cell counts weren't high enough to warrant additional blood cultures, but there was reason to do a chest x-ray. (By the way, our doctor told me that we would be lucky if Gracelyn only has 20 chest x-rays by the time she is a freshman in college...seriously???)

After waiting at the hospital for the x-ray and then holding down my terrified daughter, we found out she has early bronchitis. And, waiting for three consecutive days of fever probably would have put us in the hospital.

So I am thankful today, not only for the surgery that went well last year, but also for God's grace yesterday. For the fever that signified something wrong, for the nurse who gave in and agreed to make an appointment for us, and for catching the bronchitis before it became serious on a new level. (I'm also super thankful for the Hillsboro Free Press for understanding...particularly on press day!)

And now, after you have read my novel, I invite you to read a little further for the winner (determined by random.org) of Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas:

ANGELA JOST who said "I've loved watching Gracelyn and Addison's relationship change in the past year! They use to just play without much interacting. Now they actually play TOGETHER. And they are both getting so much better at talking out their issues instead of screaming or pushing! :) Hope they are great friends when they get older...just like their mothers!"

Congrats Ang! Thanks for being such a great friend!


  1. We've had trouble with a phone nurse as well - Sick kiddos are hard enough without that added drama. So glad you got in when you needed to!


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