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Black & gray (with some sunshine)

My *amazing* sister-in-law's birthday was Sept. 17. She received this hat from our family. I tried a new stitch on this hat, giving it a little more texture. The flower is lined with a gold and is attached with a safety-pin, giving this hat some versatility. 

I forgot my camera for her party, so you are stuck with
me as a model...
By the way, I will have a Made by Malinda aviator up for grabs at a Country Fair this weekend. Friends Ryan and Christy Vogt and their twin kiddos are fundraising to adopt a little boy from Russia. If you have some free moments Saturday morning, hit up the fair, located between Hesston and Newton. There will be fundraising ops...K-State ticket drawing, date night drawing, silent auction, baked goods...and there will be free fun for the kids...carnival games, barrel train, petting zoo...sounds like a great time!


  1. I really like the new stitch! Great color---but the bit of sunshine is my favorite! :)


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