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A curious giveaway

Last week, I promised to soon announce a giveaway celebrating a special time for our family. Today is the day.

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We are approaching the one-year mark of Gracelyn's splenectomy. If you've read your weekly edition of the Hillsboro Free Press, you saw my column's headline: "Another Day" is Another Miracle. (To read this week's Lipstick & Pearls, click HERE.)

So to celebrate, I am giving away one copy of Gracelyn's favorite movie: Curious George, A Very Monkey Christmas. Sure, it's a kid's movie...but who can resist that adorable monkey face? Sure, it's a Christmas movie, but the season will soon be upon us! (And, it would make a great gift if you can't actually see yourself watching it...)

There are two ways to sign up. For two entries, do both.

1. Leave a comment on this blog--I'd love to hear favorite stories/memories involving Gracelyn. If you don't have anything, any comment will do :) If you can't figure out how to comment, you can comment on my Facebook blog link.

2. Post the following as your Facebook status and then comment on my Facebook blog link saying that you did: "I entered a giveaway to celebrate little G's year of renewed health. To enter go to justswritehere.blogspot.com."

The giveaway winner will be determined on the official 1-year anniversary of the surgery, Sept. 27th. Entries will be accepted through Sept. 26.

Good luck!

To read more about our journey click on the hereditary spherocytosis link on the left-hand side of the page (under labels).


  1. I've loved watching Gracelyn and Addison's relationship change in the past year! They use to just play without much interacting. Now they actually play TOGETHER. And they are both getting so much better at talking out their issues instead of screaming or pushing! :) Hope they are great friends when they get older...just like their mothers!

  2. Oh my! Landen LOVES Curious George! What a fun giveaway! We too are celebrating renewed health for such a precious little girl!

  3. We haven't been able to see Gracelyn for a long time, but the last time we did see her, I just remember how sweet she was. What a precious little girl!

  4. Oops, I kept meaning to enter, but forgot until now :) I haven't ever met Gracelyn, but will still celebrate with you.

  5. So happy for the renewal of health in the last year!

  6. I'm just thankful for a diagnosis and a healthy girl for you! I remember the times of uncertainty and fear for Gracelyn's health and I just praise the Lord for her little life!


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