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It's funny. I am so excited about finding a Biblically-based preschool curriculum in ABC Jesus Loves Me, and so far, it's been wonderful. But after yesterday, I started to question my ability to actually teach Bible stories. Sure, I grew up in Sunday school. I heard the same stories. But now, I'm not listening. I'm teaching. And part of me doesn't feel qualified!

The first story was easy: Creation. God created the first six days. He rested the seventh. We made book pages for each day, and Gracelyn knows the story better than I ever did growing up.

But, the second story was harder: Adam and Eve disobey. Obey and disobey are common terms in our house. So hearing the story about disobedience was interesting for Gracelyn. She was very quiet. A stirring spirit, perhaps? Reading the story to a 3-year-old, it almost seemed harsh. And I'm at a loss as to how to debrief. Guess I will be doing a lot of praying for guidance from the Spirit as we go about lesson plans tomorrow morning!

Hard at work making A's
Otherwise, school is going well! I have a perfectionist on my hands, though. Gracelyn mastered 0 & 1 right away. Then this week, we introduced 2 and Aa...and she couldn't write them right away. This frustrated her very quickly. So, another "problem" area that I'm not sure how to deal with. Of course, it will be beneficial for her to learn that she can't be perfect, and that everything worth doing takes practice. But, I also lean toward the perfectionist side (as does Brad), so I'm not quite sure how to go about teaching this lesson.

That said, homeschooling is going to take a bunch of prayer as well as some trial and error...

First lesson for Jemma:
Don't eat the Playdough!
You can help with the trial and error: Any thoughts on debriefing from difficult Bible stories? Any thoughts on "leveling out" a perfectionist without destroying her spirit?


  1. I would ask questions that let her lead the debriefing. Have her re-tell or summarize the story for you, so you know what she "got" out of it. Ask her how the story makes her feel. Ask her how God feels in the story, and how Adam and Eve feel. Explain how what happened to Adam and Eve relates to the choices we make every day and use an example of a recent time she disobeyed, or a time you disobeyed. Then talk about our call to obey, and how that's a choice to. Let her give you suggestions as to what Adam and Eve should have done in their situation, or what you or her should have done in your situation. It might also help her to draw a picture afterwards, which will help her get her emotions and perspective out in a way you can visibly see.


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