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Finishing Touches -- purchases

As I was reading my friend Megan's blog over at It's a Darn Good Life, I found myself nodding in understanding about everything she said about her experience at Vintage Soiree this last weekend...until she got to the part about being so overwhelmed that she couldn't make a decision, and then lost out on a few items. 

Like her, I always know I'm going to buy SOMETHING. I LOVE their stuff. Unlike her, I probably didn't show enough restraint. To beat people to items, my theory that Friday was...find something, buy something, think where to put it later...like a lamp I bought. Whoops. Sorry Brad!

...Other things, though, I was very purposeful with purchasing. Like this coffee table. I'd been eyeing it on the Vintage Soiree Facebook Page for quite some time...and I got it! It's quite a bit smaller than my other coffee table, but I'm in love with the legs on this guy! And, no split-open heads either!

And yet, other things, I had a specific place in mind to put them, but my dimensions were terribly off. The red tray and turquoise (why is this word so hard for me to spell?) chalkboard in the photo below were to go above my kitchen cabinets. Not a chance! A couple inches too tall! After getting over my initial disappointment, I decided it would be a good place to start decorating my hated built-in. So, that's where it rests. It at least gives me an idea of where I want to go. The black bulletin board frame in the right corner of the above photo was another dimension problem. I'm still working on that one...

All in all, Arts & Crafts/Vintage Soiree weekend was a great time. And now to count down until next year...


P.S...You have through Monday to enter my GIVEAWAY.


  1. I really like the tray with the chalkboard nestled in there!! Your coffee table looks great in your living room! And thanks for the link :)

  2. I agree with Megan, lovely layering on the shelf. I think it's a good beginning!!!

    What do you think about painting the fireplace white? :)


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