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Finishing Touches: Tile

About a month ago, Brad and I decided to replace the toilet in our back bathroom.
Much to our dismay (but NOT to our surprise!), 
the entire section of floor under the toilet was rotten.
A week later, Brad and his dad replaced the subfloor.
The next weekend, good friends Joe and Jodie came to visit. Joe helped Brad install the cement backer board in the back bathroom and the utility room 
(the two are connected, and we wanted matching flooring).

 The next weekend, the tiling process began. Both my dad (in the photo) and Brad's dad helped. Thanks to the Sudermans for the use of your tile saw!

Gracelyn stands, perplexed, in the middle of the "crosses." 
The crosses spaced the area for grout: 

And here is the finished floor, with the photo taken from the entryway to the kitchen:

Here's another view, this time from the door of the back bathroom: 

The back bathroom isn't complete yet, so the above "teaser" will have to hold you over until paint goes on the wall, a toilet is installed, and finishing touches are in place.

Happy Friday!


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