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It's almost the weekend. I love weekends, particularly because Brad is home for a full two days! Many times, our weekends are full of home projects. This weekend is no exception...it just comes in the form of

Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair!

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I start looking forward to the next year as soon as one fair is over. And it's not like I make a ton of purchases. I just love looking at crafts and getting ideas...plus, this is the one day I get my mom all to myself...no grandkids allowed!

In recent years, though, arts & crafts weekend has started Friday...this year the same. One of my favorite sales, The Vintage Soiree, has a huge amount of merchandise at awesome prices. I found several items for home improvements. (Photos to come).

And, because I hate to have a post void of image, I leave you with one of my crafts:

This aviator went a K-State loving family for their new little guy, Eli. I got to hold him today...what a sweetie! (P.S. Apparently emails haven't been going through to the account listed on this blog, so if you've sent me an order and haven't heard from me, shoot me an email at malindajust@hotmail.com).

On another note, GIVEAWAYS. First, the blog for the curriculum I use for preschool is having a great book giveaway. It's a parenting book written by Kevin Leman called "It's your Kid, not a Gerbil." If you want to enter, head over to Our Out-of-Sync Life for entry info.

And, watch this blog for a GIVEAWAY next week. It will celebrate an important event for our family!

Happy weekend. And, happy shopping!


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