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Quite a weekend

My weekend included Beth Moore, the grossest parenting moment EVER, and some pretty cute kiddisms.

First, Beth Moore. All day Saturday. Great stuff. This is how I describe her: A petite southern woman (twang and all) that's filled with the Holy Spirit. How else could she maintain her high-intensity, punch-you-in-the-face speaking through an entire day? I learned a ton, and still need to process a lot! As I continue to debrief, I'll spend some time filling you in on a few things I learned. If you were at Beth Moore (or have heard her speak before), what things did you learn?

Second, the grossest parenting moment EVER: Jemma is teething. So, for us, that means crabbiness, small appetite, early wakings and nasty diapers. And not the No. 1 kind, but the No. 2. Saturday night (after I was fried from taking in so much info--see above), Jemma No. 2'd in the bathtub (a first for this family). So, I pulled the girls out and drained the tub to start over. In the meantime, while Gracelyn sat nicely in the bathroom, Jemma wandered away. Intent on cleaning out the tub, I didn't go after her right away. During the time of our separation, Jemma FINISHED her No. 2 on my carpet. Then she got it on her feet and ran through the house. DIS-GUS-TING! Let's play the "I can top that" game...what gross things have your kids done?

Finally, Gracelyn's cute kiddisms: Me: "Tomorrow Jemma turns 16 months old." Gracelyn: "That's a lot of Jemmas!" 


"I can walk VERY fast because I'm a girl." (As opposed to my imitation of Santa Claus, who just might walk slow...) Any cute kiddisms in your life? 


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