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Ride in my Swagger Wagon

It's been a busy Labor Day weekend...lots of projects going on at the Just house! A biggie--tiling the back bathroom and utility room. I also have a couple hats I'm working on, plus I still need to do my lesson plans for preschool...

On top of those things, though, we have a new addition to our garage!

Meet our Swagger Wagon:

I have been faithfully stalking Craigslist for, oh, probably 7+ months trying to find the right one. Price, color, interior, mileage. Finally, a family moving overseas (to Singapore!) posted this Toyota Sienna. And I was FIRST IN LINE

It's great...and my favorite feature? The SLIDING DOORS! No more sucking the tummy in to get the girls out. Such a blessing!

Another blessing? Sure, why not!

A big, majestic sunset! Happy Labor Day!


  1. Welcome to the club! Do I get to ride in it Wednesday?

  2. WooHoo! Thought you might get one soon...congrats on the good find!


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