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Still got it

This fall, I am playing volleyball with a great group of ladies: Angela, Anna, Jodie, Laura & Lynette. So far on our season, we are 2-2...pretty good for a group who hasn't played together before...and for having a couple years hiatus from playing!

Last night we played a double-header. We even had a small crowd of fans, one of them being my mom. She drove more than an hour to watch us play! And, after the game, she said these words:

Maybe sometime the girls will
let me take a photo of us playing...for now,
this one is from my TC days.
"You girls have still got it!"

That totally made my night.

Did my legs feel numb? Yes. Did my muscles burn? Yes. Did I feel 90 by the end of two games? Yes.

But darn it, I've still got it!

My life has completely changed since playing volleyball at Tabor. Most of my daily focus goes into my family...not me...and that's how it should be. But it's nice to have one night a week that is solely dedicated to a passion from my past...

And, it's nice to know that I've still got it.

Thanks, Mom, for always being my encourager. Thanks, also, for being a messenger last night...your words were timely and I consider them a God-send!


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