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Back to school

Even though I'm the one teaching Gracelyn in her first year of preschool, I feel like I'm the one going back to school. I'm learning right along with her.

Ever since our miserable week last month, I've been trying a new strategy...fitting in our academics throughout the day, rather than in one chunk. 

My goal at first was to structure our learning like she would have at an actual school. It didn't work. Not only did she get tired of me instructing her, but my youngest couldn't handle even 1 hour without a meltdown or two.

So the last two weeks, I've gone through my lesson plans to figure out the main things I want to hit on: Bible story, verse, letter of the week, number of the week, and then I've checked stuff off as we accomplish the items throughout the week. And amazingly, I think we've done more school in "disorganization" than we did before.

I've learned that dispersing our education throughout the day works for us. I don't have to be like a regular preschool. Isn't that why I wanted to homeschool this year anyway? I wanted the flexibility!

So here's to learning!

The worksheets from our week:

I tried these Twistables from Crayola this week and LOVED them. You have never felt writing like this before...A-Maz-ING! 

Happy Friday! I'm going to my 10-year high school reunion. Wish me luck...


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