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Finishing Touches--Repurposing

During Arts & Crafts Fair, I purchased this suitcase from Etc. Shop:

It was $2.99:

I spray-painted the inside:

I painted the outside, put a bow on top, 
and voila, Arts & Crafts Fair for a fraction of the price:

This is her (Gracelyn decided it was a girl) home for the month:

And a friend pointed out to me today that it will be perfect to store my fall decor in. Bonus!

Here are a couple shots of my other fall decor. 
I'm still experimenting with decor and my new house, so let me know if something seems off! I'm always up for advice!

The cupboard door was another A&F find. It says Give Thanks.
 And finally, the centerpiece on my dining table:

Happy Friday!


  1. that suitcase is ADORABLE. i never would have thought of that, but i love it!! :) and yes... definitely a her. :)


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