Let's be SOCIAL

Let's have some fun

Do you ever get to the place where life seems a little heavy? Or, is it just me? Because that's where I am right now, I'm in the mood for a little blog-style fun...with photos.

I LOVE a good deal. Today, the girls and I went to BriarBerry Lane Kids Consignment in Newton. I found some good buys...I'm always on the lookout for cheap.

Here's my favorite find (although not SUPER cheap, still a good deal for $10):

Gracelyn is getting to where she likes to pick out her own clothes...sometimes it's scary as she tends to match colors, not patterns, or patterns, not colors...but I'm trying to go with the flow. While I know this skirt waist is going to be HUGE on her, this is what she picked out:

And with the weather cooling off (some), we've played outside more:

Funny story, she got stuck under the car (see above photo). Don't ask what she was doing...who knows!
But as she was trying to get out, she rubbed her face against sidewalk chalk. This was the result.

And finally, busy days aren't complete without a break...best taken at the top of the stairs:

Thanks for having some fun with me today!  



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