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Dashing through the...SNOW.

According to my husband's phone this morning, there's nearly 100% chance of snow in Hillsboro by evening. I LOVE snow...I know I'm getting some boos right now...but I do. Especially the first snow of the season. To me, its freshness is glorious.

So in honor of the (possible) first snow of the season, here's a photo from our huge snowstorm last year:

I figure its also a great time to show you a couple new hats. The first photo is a brand new design for me. I'm so excited about how it turned out! The mom who ordered it wants to use it for a Christmas card...

The second is a dark-blue aviator for a little boy named Isaac. He will be turning 1 in about a month.

Thanks for your orders, ladies!

And, again, I say HOORAY for snow! What's your opinion...are you a lover or hater of fluffy white?


  1. The hats are very cute! I have to say I love snow as long as I can stay in my house and drink hot chocolate and eat soup. Ha! I love cozy winter days.

  2. Your hats are great! Did you ever get my response on fb? I know sometimes they don't notify people. And hopefully, if it snows, it's just at your house and we can come play in it and enjoy it...then come back to our house and enjoy the 70 degree weather we had yesterday :) Doesn't that sound like a great plan?? :)

  3. Snow...I'll pass.
    Must be my Minnesota upbringing.


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