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Not a meal but a feast

Details aside, it's been an emotionally difficult week. But today, not only did God shower the outside world, but he showered our family with blessings in the form of food and companionship.

Yesterday, a friend called and said she wanted to bring food to our family...the thing was, Mondays are my work days, and we weren't going to be home during the time-frame that worked for my friend...she was on a tight schedule yesterday, too.

We planned for a phone call this morning to hash out drop-off details and left it at that.

From almightydad.com
This morning, when my friend arrived, not only did she have a casserole, but she had a BOX of food. A literal box! 

My friend is so amazing at seeing God's hand in things (I pray that someday God's purpose and provision will ALWAYS be first and foremost in my mind)...

One of the first things she said: "The Lord didn't want me to bring you simply a meal yesterday, he wanted me to bring you a feast today." God is amazing...and tears are welling as I write.

But, not only did she bring food, but she also brought much-needed companionship. And full situational-understanding. 

So thank you, friend, for delivering God's handiwork to our doorstep today. To God be the glory, great things he has done! 


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