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"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

Sunday night was the Ebenfeld Christmas program. I was honored several months ago when I was asked to be the director of the 1-6th graders this year. I accepted, and was truly blessed by the task.

For one, it was so much fun working with all the kiddos (about 40!) for the last month and a half.

Second, it was a much-needed distraction for me...I got to pour into something so completely, and I was energized from it.

Third, the kids put on a great show. And, we had awesome lights this year, thanks to Glanzer Pro Audio :)

The following photo came courtesy of Chris Glanzer...a photo of my group of shepherds "fearing not."

And for the second year, Gracelyn was a part of the Pre-K & K group. The youngest children are always so cute on stage!

Gracelyn's line was: "Mary rocked her baby all through the night."
She said it loud and clear. I was so proud!

It's so fun to watch G interact with all the kids in her class.

And, a photo of our family, again courtesy of Chris Glanzer.


  1. Ohh, I'm so proud of you, Malinda! That is something I would not be honored to do...haha. Gracelyn is really growing up (literally)...she looks so much bigger standing next to other kids her age.

  2. I really enjoyed the pageant! Thank you for being willing to serve. I really like watching the little ones, too!

  3. You were definitely serving within your giftedness. It was a huge success! And very fun that your sisters could be there to see it too :)


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