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No Strange Lines

I tried to share photos of our Nashville trip several days ago, but there were strangely-colored lines running through all my photos. (Anyone else ever have that happen? It's not the first time it's happened to me...)

But today, we are line free! So here's a taste of our outings:

First, we went to an indoor play-place called 
The Monkey's Treehouse (or something like that.)
We NEED something like this in Hillsboro!
It had fun things to entertain BOTH my kids for several hours.

Grandpa got the puppet show going...hilarious, by the way!
Gracelyn had fun, too:

Jemma, my adventurous spirit, loved all the active-play options:

The wooden castle/play figures was Gracelyn's fave: 

Yep...Jemma's a brave one. Grandma and Grandpa were nervous ;) 

And on the way back, the four of us stopped off at the St. Louis Arch.
I'd never been, and it was fun to see!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 
I'm off to the Free Press shortly, and planning to put my red pen to work.
How are you spending this very cold day?


  1. I love your header for you blog now...it gives off such a sweet, warm feeling. Did the girl's like the Arch? I remember going there as a kid and my mom freaking out at the top because she is claustrophobic..haha, don't remember much else about the trip :)


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