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Wow. This blog has been quiet...too quiet...lately.
First, I was sick for 2.5 weeks with a sinus infection. Yuck.
Then this week, we spent the majority of our time here:

Gracelyn started running a fever mid-morning Monday.
Called doc at 4 p.m. because Tylenol wasn't working.
Scheduled appointment for next morning.

Monday night was horrible.
2 a.m., on phone with Children's Mercy nurses line.
3 a.m., Dr. Jantz paged. Agreed to go to ER if things got worse.
4 a.m., Gracelyn had violent chills and blue lips. Scary. About went to ER, but she got warmed up and went back to sleep.

Went to doc Tuesday morning.
She got antibiotic shots to try to get ahead...since she doesn't have a spleen, we error on the side of caution.
Go home. Supposed to call doc at 4 to update them.
3:15, fever spikes to 107.
Call early. Nurse doesn't talk to doc, just says COME NOW.

So, got admitted, got Gracelyn hooked to IV (not an easy task), antibiotics going as well as fluids.
Fever comes down.
Wednesday comes. She's a little better. Still pretty lethargic. TV a good option.
Thursday...much better! As long as blood cultures are clear, we will be dismissed.
5:30, got the news that we can go home. Yay!

It was a crazy week...and we couldn't have done it without help. So, thanks for praying, thanks for calling/texting, thanks for offering to help with Jemma, thanks for church meals, thanks for visiting! We appreciate your support!


  1. Wow! So sorry your week was like that. I am glad that Gracelyn is doing better.


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