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Instead of blogging, I've been napping...

It's a little ironic that my last post (a very long time ago) started in the same way this one is...man, I've been quiet! (No small fete for me, let me assure you!)

But, like my title indicates, I've been napping...and trying to squelch the quease...ever since Gracelyn was in the hospital in January!

We found out right before the new year that we were expecting a new Just in September. But, with the way the last year went pregnancy-wise, we have kept pretty mum about everything. But, in my most recent Lipstick & Pearls column, "Head Bonk a Cure for Mommy Guilt", I made the big announcement. So, it was time for the blogging world to know, too.

I had big plans to take and post a cute picture like this:

(Image from ImageShack)

Adorable, right? I mean, mine would have included my little girls in colorful tights and shoes as well as a caption "we are expanding by two feet", but still, so cute!

But alas, I'm still waiting to take that photo...and any sort of belly photo...even though I've been showing for weeks now. I also finally got around to getting a pregnancy journal, and spent yesterday catching up a bit (at least for the parts I can remember).

So anyway, do I have your forgiveness for my silence yet? If so, I (maybe) promise to get back on here on a regular basis (as long as my all-day sickness keeps going away & I can keep my head off my pillow in the afternoon). 


I'm trying out the "Curly Girl" method for curly hair care, so stay tuned!


  1. i've missed your bloggy voice, friend! glad you're starting to feel better. and that photo? adorable!! :)


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