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Updating my method

I've had several people ask how my newfound curly girl method is going.
And I have to say,

My hair is totally going (the right) places now.
It's not perfect, but when I'm happy with it most days of the week, that says something!

It's been some trial and error, but these are a few main things that seem to help:

* I haven't used a brush or comb in well over a month! No heat tools either...except an occasional diffusing with my blow dryer.

* I tried using Bert's Bees sulfate-free shampoo, but decided it wasn't for me. It's great for my girls' hair though! Instead, I use two different conditioners...one to cleanse my scalp. One to leave in. I have an itchy scalp, so I use the aloe vera conditioner for my scalp cleanse. I use the jojoba for my leave in. I also treat my scalp with raw aloe vera (not the gel...liquid form! I found mine at Prairie Harvest in Newton) the night before I plan to wash. It helps with the itch.
Purchased from soap.com

Purchased from soap.com
* The longer I do this, the less I have to wash. Right now, I wash 2-3 times a week!
* Wearing a super high ponytail at night preserves my curl for the next day, aided only by a spray of water and some leave-in conditioner. 
* Plopping works wonders! I wasn't satisfied with the curly girl method for wash-day hair. Basically you just don't touch it until it dries. Well, that takes FOREVER for my hair, and so I'm stuck with crusty gel hair for the majority of the day. But, I found the plopping technique and have used it the last couple times I've washed my hair & I loved the results!

Plopping illustration
How to plop
You can also find how-to videos on Youtube.

Happy Plopping :)


  1. I have found that the Loreal shampoo works really well for me. My hair has been super curly lately! And I agree when you let your hair dry without touching it, it gets crusty and takes FOREVER! I'm gonna have to try the plopping thing!


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