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Little Miss is 2!

Miss Jemma turned 2 Saturday!

On her big day, we had toast and "magels" (aka scrambled eggs...a favorite of J's):

Then she opened presents from Daddy, Mommy & Gracelyn. Gracelyn gave her a tractor cup, which she hasn't let out of sight since: 

On Sunday we celebrated with the family...tractor-style:

Her haul (note the cup):

Tried to get a nice Mother's Day photo as well. A rabbit in the garden prohibited that notion. Again note the cup...also, my necklace was courtesy of lovely Gracelyn:

A new shirt from Aunt Monica:

She got a tool set from Aunt Lauren/Uncle Ben. She is fixing her tractor which was "broken" (aka, assembly required) when pulled from the box:

Having fun: 

A final shot of Miss Birthday Girl: 

Can't believe my sweet Jems is two already! 
She has brought much joy (and spice) to our lives! 
We love you!


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