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A move to downsize

Apparently, thanks to some of my vague Facebook status updates & moving sale photos & comments, I've made some of you pretty curious as to our family's plans...

Well, yes, it's true...we are moving! But not far away...back to our beloved Hillsboro. We've learned much over the last 15 or 16 months. Like, even though Brad and I both grew up in the country, it's not really a good fit right now...instead it's a financial drain...gas money, eating out, etc. That, coupled with an *interesting* rental arrangement, and we feel a move back to town is the best option for our family at this point in time.

BUT, the amazing part is what God is doing through this whole situation. Even though the last year has been trying and stressful at times, God is bringing a great thing to fruition right under our feet!

Brad & I both feel convicted to downsize...greatly.

One of the items we will be selling.
Looking back, I think God has been stirring our hearts for 4-5 years, but we are finally at a place to accept His call on our lives. We always felt overwhelmed by the "stuff" in our lives, but we never quite knew what to do with that...I mean, the American dream is full of owning stuff. Gaining stuff. Living surrounded by stuff. We were always unsettled by it, especially after we were overrun by baby stuff.

In the last 1-2 years, I read both "Crazy Love" & "Forgotten God" (both by Francis Chan & both great reads by the way!)...very challenging! I read those books thinking "WOW", but not knowing exactly what to do.

Now we know.

But it took God bringing us to a home (a very nice home)...but one that doesn't feel like home to us. We've tried to make it that way, but every time I spent money on something to transform or fill the space, I would cringe. Turns out, the reason it didn't feel like home was because God was transforming our hearts to want something different. Something much smaller, where our family will use the house in its entirety instead of having a whole level of extra stuff and extra space.

That all said, I know most won't understand our reasoning. I mean, we are leaving a lovely 2000 sq. ft.  plus home in the "idealistic" country setting, and we are headed back to a home with about 1300 sq. ft., all while expecting baby #3...But I can't even describe how excited Brad and I are. And how comforting it is to know that we are right where God wants us to be...it's not often I can always say that!

Every time we pack a box of marked stuff for our moving sale (May 24 & 25), we feel freedom! Every time we realize that next month our heart's call will come to be, we are filled with anticipation. There's just something wonderful that happens when we follow God's prompting...even when things get difficult or don't seem logical...because ultimately there's blessing in the end!

If you have questions about our faith or about our move, please feel free to ask! (justsblogs @ gmail . com)


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing. Reading Crazy Love was such a great challenge. i need to go back and study my notes again.

  2. That's awesome! Less house means less to clean, and cozier too. :)


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