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Today is the Day

Well, today is the day. 
No, it's not moving day. 
It's downsizing day.

Our moving sale begins this afternoon at 3 p.m. It's been a long week of prep...and I'm amazed at the vast amount of stuff we've marked to sell.

Some of the things have been easier to place on one of the eight 8-foot tables than other things...mostly because of who gave them to us. Many of the toys we are selling have been gifts...gifts that were appreciated very much! Some of the items were even suggested by us, but have been very under-used and take up space. Those are the things I have seller's guilt about. 

It's not really the item I'm having a hard time parting with...it's the fact that I might hurt someone's feelings in the process.

But as I have been praying over the sale, not only have I prayed for turn-out & for trust (as I have been wallowing in anxiousness the last couple days!), but I have also been praying for the hearts of those we love. That they will not only be accepting of our choice to downsize & live differently, but that they will also see purpose and value to it.


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