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Finish what you start

Well, today is our last full day in our current house. Tomorrow morning we close on our new home and we will start moving in. Yay!

I can't tell you how excited I am to make the move. But. BUT, today I feel like I'm on my last (very) weary leg. I have a full day of packing in front of me...and Brad has to work. Not that I hold that against him. 

I'm just tired.

However, my read through the Bible plan brought me to Ecclesiastes 7-12 today. And guess what 7:8 had to say...

"Finishing is better than starting." 

HA! I just had to smile at that one. God's word couldn't be more clear.

And boy, do I WANT to finish. 

The only problem is, Solomon didn't mention how to move past my tired self  to get the job done.

I guess that's where caffeine comes in...


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