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Our adventurous little spirit

First, let me give credit to the amazing photographer who took this photo of Jemma...friend and neighbor Megan Hein over at Megan Hein Photography.

What I love about the photo is it completely captures Jemma's personality...and today I love that the photo is just that...a photo. I love that I can see her carefree personality without having to chase her down.

But that wasn't the case a couple hours ago.

We were playing outside. The girls were both on the front porch playing with the baby kittens. I had to use the bathroom...hey, I'm almost 27 weeks into this pregnancy & I swear Little J is totally laying on my bladder.

Here were my exact instructions:

"Mommy is going to the bathroom. Stay by the house."

But the activity to our east was just too tempting for my dear daughter, and by the time I got back outside, Gracelyn was in a panic because Jemma was on the road...making her way to a neighboring field complete with combine, grain truck and tractor.

I took off running as fast as my basketball belly would allow. Miraculously the road, which has been busy with grain trucks & semi trucks all week, was clear. The neighboring farmers were stopped, and had Jemma in their sights. Praise the Lord.

I'm still trying to keep my lunch down.


Jemma has such an adventurous spirit. But each time we come to what I consider a "could be" close call, I am reminded that she is not mine. She is a gift for me to take care of. And I'm doing my best...but let me tell you, I'm pretty sure God's grace and mercy will be the only thing to get her to adulthood.

If you know my family's history, you know my brother drowned in an accident when I was 15. So, coming to realize how little control I have over the lives of my precious daughters is scary at times. Like today, when I think of all the what ifs. 

But, I choose hold tight to my belief that God is in control...even over what I consider uncontrollable.


Even so, we WILL be putting up a backyard fence when we move. And if I have anything to say about it, that construction will happen very, very soon after the SOLD sign is up!


  1. Yes, backyard fences are a lifesaver. Literally! Super scary...the little stinker!


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