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I thought my first post after getting internet connection at our new house would be about...well...our new house.

Instead, I feel obligated to tell a story that once again points out the flaws in my parenting skills. And it involves Jemma. Go figure.

I'm starting to think children, and Jemma in particular, are God's way of keeping us (ME!) humble. And that's not a bad thing. Humility is something that can keep us on the lookout for improvement...and when you're a mother to a magician, it can also keep you on your toes...

Another wonderful photo courtesy of
Megan Hein Photography!
Yesterday my mom and I took the girls to Salina for a trip to On the Pot (a GREAT place to take kiddos who like to paint. You pick out an object to paint, paint it, turn it in and they fire and glaze it for you.)

After that, we ate lunch and made two stops...Hobby Lobby & Target.

Jemma and Gracelyn both rode in carts for the day...I mean, come on, I DO know my daughters after all. Gracelyn would find a million things she "needed" and Jemma would run away. Confined to carts...yes, I think so!

But here's the kicker...Jemma dirtied a diaper, so she no longer would sit...(it's about time to start potty training. Oh the joy.) So, knowing we were at the end of our shopping stop, we let her out as we walked to the checkout. I was pushing Gracelyn, Mom had been pushing Jemma. But, in the shuffle of maneuvering into the lane and starting to pull stuff out of carts, Jemma seized an eyeless opportunity...and fled.

Maybe she didn't want us to smell her.
Maybe she didn't want us to change her.
Maybe she was boycotting Hobby Lobby.

Whatever her reasoning, she took off. 

Gracelyn and I went to find her. Mom looked around the front of the store and hit the panic button...well, just told the story to the cashier. And as I round a corner where a nice lady was keeping a distance watch over Jemma and a ladder (that she wasn't climbing...just contemplating), I hear this...

"CODE 1...attention associates, we have a CODE 1." (Great. I know what's coming...)
"Please look for a missing two year old." (Who has been found...spankings anyone?)
"She has a rainbow on her shirt." (Mud would be more fitting...)
"Her name is Jemma." (So much for that "precious jewel" thing...next time she is staying home!)

I walk to the front with children in tow.

"Cancel CODE 1."

And as I check out..."Don't worry about it. She wouldn't have been lost for long, as everyone would stop what they were doing and look for her. That's why we have CODE 1 in place."

Oh goodie...at least I'm not the first to have a runaway in Hobby Lobby...


  1. This made me smile. Flaws in your parenting? No way. Adventurous, curious child? Absolutely. I look forward to hearing "Code 1" in Hobby Lobby someday... as long as it's not my child they're looking for! :-)

  2. So I find this crazy. I did a google search for code 1 in Hobby Lobby bc it happened and my husband and I were curious what it meant. Your blog was the one that came up. It just so happens we are in Salina.

    1. I am laughing so hard right now! I hope the kiddo was found safe and sound though!


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