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Free, Free, Free (at last)

We have big news at our house!

No, it's not that Jemma loves trucks and tractors...you already knew that.

Instead, take a good look at the above photo...focus in on Jemma's mouth...gotta love those plugs. At least for a little while...but then comes the dreaded moment of taking the paci away. Forever.

I am proud to say that until little brother arrives, our house is officially PACI-FREE.

Now, this wasn't a planned event. I knew it had to come...soon. But geesh, I'm already up at least 3 times during the night for myself...I didn't want to be traveling up and down the stairs as well.

And I probably wouldn't even be making this announcement, except that a couple weekends ago, Jemma's pacies got LEFT at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We could have driven back out after church, but we were too tired, so we went with it. And now, nine days later, she rarely even asks for her beloved soothie. Victory!

(Although, I must admit that this huge step is another reminder that Jemma isn't a baby anymore...she's turning into a little girl.)
Cute and paci-free.
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