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Can you believe we have lived in our new house for over two weeks and I still haven't posted any pictures? Not even one minuscule hint as to where we went...

Well, today that all changes. I would love to present to you our new abode:

I just LOVE it!
The boxes are unpacked & treasures are slowly going up on the walls.
The girls' room is painted and toys are settled...all with a place.
Everything fits perfectly (except maybe my dresser)...and all with room to spare.

We are rejoicing in God's goodness and provision...and are amazed that even on moving day, when boxes surrounded us, how at home we felt already.

Life is good. *sigh*


  1. I love that last picture of the girls! Can't wait to see more pics

  2. Love your front door.

  3. I need to come and see it in person! I promise to make it over there one of these days, but I'm pretty much telling everyone "I'll see ya in August!" July is nutso...but this is me promising that you're first on my list come August :)


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