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As it is with time, my due date fast approaches. Sept. 8. Less than a month away now. And by way of the baby calendar, (and my doctor's wisdom) I could safely deliver any time now...not that he's making any predictions.

Despite not knowing the day or hour, all things baby have been on my mind. Especially after spending 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. this past Sunday morning in the hospital getting monitored. That was a new one for us!

But as I lay in my hospital bed at 35 weeks gestation, I realized something...I have a ton of things left on my to-do list!

The funny thing was, my top priority wasn't packing my hospital bag...instead, it was gathering items and putting together Big Sister bags for the girls. So Sunday, I checked that off my list.

Then Tuesday, a friend from church dropped off my re-covered boppy pillow she had made when Gracelyn was born. She let me pick out the fabric, she covered it and in return asked that I let her hold baby in church. Of course! Seems like I got the great end of that deal...and the pillow isn't covered in spit-up anymore :)

Finally, I wanted to share pics of the nursery. I made the bedding this time around by combining several different patterns I found online...and making use of pre-formed bumper pads. I really love how it turned out! We also painted the walls blue...typical, I know. We still need items on the wall, but we have to save those things for the big name reveal...if we ever decide on a name!

Here is the north side of baby's room. The other side was used as a play area today, and I didn't feel like picking everything up...forgive me, but my belly makes bending over a chore. Sounds like a good job for the hubby!

I always forget how funky bedskirts look until the crib mattress drops...

And then, turtle power...

I've decided the last month of pregnancy is the worst...waiting, wondering, guessing, second-guessing...but in the end it will be worth it! For all you parents out there, how did you survive the waiting game?


  1. The bedding is adorable! I have got to get over there and see your house! This week for sure. Plus I need a little Malinda time!


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