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Nesting...make that housekeeping...schedule

In light of the final stage of pregnancy...the infamous nesting...this post should be fun. I've been wanting to share for awhile, but just haven't blogged much. I napped instead.

But since baby could be here any day, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share the housekeeping schedule I've been using for a couple months now. (Plus, you get to see some photos of our new house! Though they were taken soon after we moved in, so keep that in mind...)

I know, you're rolling your eyes. You're going to roll them even more when I tell you I found the schedule on Pinterest. Yep. I told you. But hey, it's been working well for us, even without me feeling totally awesome. (Plus I figure it will also help when family members want things to do after baby is here...I can just go to my schedule...)

The pin was from a blog called Time Warp Wife. I love that, don't you? I think her blog might be added to my blog list very soon... (She has lots of free printables, including the cleaning schedule which I have linked for you above).

Anyway, her schedule breaks everything down by day. I know some of you prefer to knock it all out in one day, but for our family, her schedule has been great!

In addition to daily upkeep (dishes, laundry, bedmaking, tidying, shedding junk), she gives you one thing to focus on each day.


While I'm not super motivated by cleaning bathrooms to start the week, I'm not really sure I EVER would be...so why not knock them out early?


I have found changing bedding to be much easier when that's my big focus...especially when adding in cribs and bunk beds with rails. Why do those beds have to be so difficult to change? Especially with an overgrown tummy...really.


In addition to cleaning the kitchen, I also make my weekly meal plan/grocery list on Wednesdays in preparation for the next day.


No cleaning! It's errand day!


This day includes dusting and cleaning the rest of the floors (excluding bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen) which you already did. Though sometimes I fudge and just do the kitchen/downstairs bedroom here...


This is my favorite part! No cleaning on Saturdays! This is left open for outside work, family projects or just plain family fun. LOVE!

I also love that it is pretty much no pressure. If I miss a day here or there, it doesn't completely kill the schedule. You just take it in stride :)

Let me know if you try this...I'd love to hear how it works for you!


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