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The top 10...make that 11

You know you are 9 months pregnant with your 3rd baby when...

1. A day without back pain is a luxury.

2. Your browsing history with Google shows an embarrassing number of visits to websites about false labor.

3. You are fairly certain you will get more sleep at night once the baby is here.

4. You are tempted to try pineapple (or maybe castor oil) to induce labor.

5. You are no longer bothered by random pregnancy comments. Instead, those comments are much of the humor in your rather painful existence.

6. You have timeable contractions all day only for them to go away when you head to bed.

7. Your oldest child is old enough to ask if the doctor is going to "cut off your tummy" to get the baby out, leading to a somewhat untimely/awkward conversation about how the baby will actually get out...

8. You find yourself getting rid of baby equipment instead of acquiring it. 

9. You wish your 4 and 2 year old were big enough to pull you off the floor.

10. You have yet to take a belly picture and you quit writing in your pregnancy journal a few months ago.

And a bonus:

11. With 11 days until your due date, you have yet to finish packing your hospital bag. Instead sibling bags were more of a priority.


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