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High on stranger-kindess

After what I'd intended as a 4-week break turned into a 4-month hiatus, I decided it was high time to get back into our preschool routine.

So Sunday evening after the girls were in bed and Brad was able to hold the baby, I tackled lesson planning. While we aren't super structured in our little school, I like having some sort of plan to stick with. I'm also flying "solo" so to speak, and not using an actual curriculum. I like the freedom of that.

This week, to go along with the letter B and number 2, we've used the following verse as inspiration:

"Be kind and compassionate to each other." Eph. 4:32

(The girls are learning a verse to associate with each letter of the alphabet.)

It's amazing how many times I've been able to teach this verse...not only for the negative instances of discipline, but also in the sense of being kind "just because."

We watched an animated video on the story of Ruth...which is full of kindness and compassion. I'm also trying to instill the art of the Thank You note...which admittedly, isn't always high on my priority list.

In addition to what I'm teaching, God has used people in wonderful ways to reinforce the verse the other way...to show other people being kind to our family as well.

For instance, at Hobby Lobby the other day, as I pushed a cart and pulled another, I had one woman offer to push a cart for me as I held my screaming, hungry baby. She got us to the bathroom...which turned out to be filthy. NO WAY was I nursing my baby in that dump! 

As I started loading the kids up to find another secluded, CLEAN, place, another woman offered to turn a few crates upside down for me to sit on. They were out of the way, and it worked perfectly.

And then, to top it off, a lady (who eventually turned out to be a Mary Kay consultant), said the words to me that you don't really believe, but they are sure nice to hear..."You are adorable" (and she was talking to ME, not my equally adorable children :) She told me she wanted to "pamper" me...and true to her word, she called later that evening to see what kind of Mary Kay products she could send me. Wow.

Thank you, God, for stranger-kindness! May our family also extend help to those around us!


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