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Lent, not lint

After reading an article in The Christian Leader about Lent, I've been thinking about what Lent will look like in my life this year.

Today we are a week away. (I keep thinking how appropriate it is that the start of the season celebrating loving sacrifice is the day before we celebrate love...)

Anyway, normally Lent is about giving something up. And I think I know what I will do without...

BUT, can Lent ever be a time of adding something in? Like, what if you've stepped away from church and want to get back to it...can THAT be a Lenten sacrifice?

What about committing to a daily quiet time? Can THAT be a sacrifice?

What about adding journaling to your Bible reading? Can THAT be a sacrifice?

It just seems like many things we give up for Lent might be straying from its purpose...like the time I gave up Pop Tarts...yes, I did eat them every. single. day. But I'm not really sure that helped me spiritually prepare for Easter.

It seems to me that our jokes about giving up the dishes... exercise...paying the bills...might indicate a need to return to a purposeful Lenten season.

What do you think?


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