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So, you want a pet jellyfish

For whoever says firstborns can't be spontaneous...Brad and I proved you wrong this last weekend.

We decided Saturday morning to go to KC for the night. (Granted, we had been thinking about it for a few days...but we didn't make the decision until a few hours before leaving.)

We visited Ben and Lauren at their cute apartment.
We shopped at Legends where I got some new running shoes. (So excited for the upcoming track season!)
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express directly across from KU Med Center. (Jemma was very upset that she wasn't the one who had surgery there.)
We ate at a hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint.

And Sunday we visited the Sea Life Aquarium. Amazing place. I HIGHLY recommend. I don't like zoos, but even I was entertained by this place. It was absolutely stunning to watch sharks, rays, eels and fish swim around over your head!

You can touch Sea Stars (anyone remember when we learned they were starfish???) and Sea Urchins:

You can watch fish swim:

You can wish you had a pet jellyfish (oh wait, that's Lauren...):

You can mesmerize even the toughest crowd:

And then you come home where it takes you a week to catch up from one night away...and that, my friends, is why a firstborn is rarely spontaneous.


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