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The Snooze Button

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It's a new day...and the start of Lent 2013.

Last week I wrote about some Lenten ponderings in Lent, not Lint.
And at that time, I thought I was going to give up Facebook. Guess that seemed like an OK option...as long as I didn't think of something else. It would have been something to give up, but not really something I would STRUGGLE with giving up. Sure, I poke around on there, but it's not really problematic for me...kinda like those Pop Tarts.

But as I was pondering, I realized I knew EXACTLY what to give up: The snooze button.

This is going to be really difficult for me...and I knew I was going to be attacked for it. So last night, I covered my morning in prayer, asking for God to help me win the battle against the alarm.

And sure enough, my baby didn't sleep well last night, waking at midnight. Got him back to sleep, only for him to wake at 12:15. And then I started panicking, knowing the alarm was set for 6:20 a.m.

I ended up sleeping with Mr. C on the couch.

But God also answered my prayer for help...and I woke ON MY OWN one minute before the alarm!

This "fast" will be a struggle. But it's two-fold...first, not only will I win against my alarm, but I will also gain a much-needed quiet time to spend reading God's word. I got to do that this morning...and I even made tea for Brad to take to work. 

I'm making this public for the sole purpose of accountability. If you want to share your fast, I would love to hear about it. If not, I totally get that!

Happy Wednesday!


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