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Round 'em up

It was a big morning at our house -- kindergarten roundup!

I have to admit, I have a lot of anxiety about sending Gracelyn to school next year. It's hard for me to accept that from here on out, other people will have more influence over her day than I will. It just seems like I have so much left to teach her...so much more to "train her up." 

But it's about time to let go...just a little.

She was a little nervous before getting started.

Today helped. While I already knew this, this morning I saw how much the school employees care about their students. They want the kids to succeed. They want to help. They want to work with parents. They want open lines of communication. And I'm all for that.

And aside from falling in the parking lot before going in, Gracelyn had a great time! She opened up with the teachers. She did the tasks at hand. And in the end, she came back to my arms for a hug.

Guess she'll always be my little girl :)

Ang and I traded babysitting services this morning so we could concentrate
on our big girls.


  1. We loved having her at school! She's a doll!
    Mrs. B.


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