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Turning 5

Birthdays make me happy. I just love celebrating people. 
And today, we're celebrating a very special 5-year-old:

Gracelyn Abigail


Right now, her favorite color is red. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She loves playing Barbies.

She is a beautiful addition to our family. As our firstborn, she's been through some trial and error (OK, quite a bit of it)...and I guarantee she hasn't seen the end of it. While we've been learning to be parents, she's been learning as well...how to walk and talk, how to color, how to write, and soon, how to read.

God has brought her through a bunch in 5 years...lots of blood draws, transfusions, a surgery...to this place where she is currently thriving. She has a huge testimony for a 5-year-old. And my prayer is that she will never let go of that, and that she will grow into the huge hope that Pastor Gaylord expressed during her child dedication: That she will become a refreshing woman whose life is filled with God's grace and joy.

Happy birthday sweetie!

1 week old

Cupcakes at her 1st friend party

Lots of loving family

The cake



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