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A glimpse into a promise

Over the last several winters, it seemed like our household spent large chunks of time being sick. So this winter, when Jemma was the only one who seemed to catch things (and they were all short-lived), Brad and I were thrilled...albeit a bit surprised. 

Generally speaking, sickness in our house is like monkey-see, monkey-do...with Gracelyn getting the worst part of the deal. But not so this winter.

And as winter moved to spring (at least says the calendar, even if mother nature has been a bit crazy...), we kinda thought we were out of the woods with hospital stays.

And then last Wednesday, Gracelyn started running a fever, and by afternoon it was 103.8 and she was shaking with chills. My mommy gut was nervous, so I knew it was serious (and I praise God all the time for that instinct!).

So, to the hospital we went, with a stop-off at our pediatrician's office.

Now, this is the cool part where God gave us a glimpse of how he's working all things together for good for those that love him. (I LOVE that promise for believers!)

We have always been thankful for Dr. J's overprotective nature when it comes to Gracelyn, but this round, we found out why. When he was a resident, just starting out, he was working on the peds floor in a hospital. A young boy (about Gracelyn's age) with a compromised immune system ended up on his floor...but it was too late. The boy's primary doctor had followed normal protocol, but the boy's system started shutting down due to his weakened immune system...and there was nothing Dr. J or any of the hospital staff could do. With tears in his eyes, he said the boy would be 30...and he said he would never take a chance with Gracelyn and her own compromised immune system.

WOW. While such a tragedy, God has worked out things for Dr. J (in making him an amazing pediatrician), and for us, in giving us a doc who ALWAYS takes me seriously, and ALWAYS takes Gracelyn seriously. I am ever so thankful!

So many of you have prayed for us over the last 5 years...so just know, your prayers are being answered in MANY different ways. (Oh, and Gracelyn was released and is currently doing well, although is still a little run down...praise the Lord!)


  1. Hi there ! I recently came across your blog while doing some research for HS! My 3 month old was diagnosed at six weeks , he's gone through 5 transfusions because surgery isn't an option ! I'd love to get in contact!

    1. Autumn...you can email me at justsblogs @ gmail . com


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