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Finishing Touches - Organization and the finish line

I'm not sure when it happened, or even why...shoot, maybe I've always been this way...but lately I've been convicted of the fact that I have trouble crossing the finish line.

Evidence is all around me. Above my office desk is an unpainted shelf Brad built that's been hanging on a freshly painted wall for months. A corner of our kitchen is still incomplete, waiting to be transformed into a pantry. The upstairs landing is halfway trimmed. A large basket of stuff is waiting to be stored in the basement.

And it's annoying. 

I WANT MY HOUSE TO BE FINISHED! I want to enjoy it. Be comfortable in it. But instead I see all the unfinished and unstarted projects and I get overwhelmed.

The shelf isn't painted because I haven't taken the time to take it down. Building a pantry is a huge project, and we haven't had time to tackle it. I left for a track meet the day I started trimming...and thought I'd get it done. (Should have known better!) And the basket, well, I should just take it down right now instead of waiting for more stuff to pile on.

But last week I decided that I'm going to start finishing things. Like not leaving a load of laundry to fold later. Even though I get sidetracked all the time, I'm going to stop letting that be an excuse. And even if it takes days of working small chunks of time in between nursing, naps, breaking up fights, playing and pure exhaustion, I WILL start putting a dent in my to-do list.

And so, without further ado, I present a large project that took DAYS to complete: Operation Clean & Organize the Upstairs. Today I was finally able to dust and vacuum after spending days purging and organizing and labeling. I still have things to do, like tailor the girls' polka-dot curtains to fit the windows, paint the girls' room pink with white beadboard/trim & also paint Case's room...but hey, all in a day's work, right?

This small eve closet took over the majority of my time.

The shelf is an old kitchen cart.
I originally planned to use it in our upstairs bathroom,
but that is currently unusable...big surprise :)

Photo boxes with labels. If ever the lids don't fit, toys will GO.

Yes, Case is sleeping in a pink room that we originally had the girls in.
I DO plan to paint the walls...eventually.

Another, large, eve closet in Case's bedroom is
used as a playroom. 


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