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Winning Mother of the Year

Just call me mother of the year. That's right...all other moms should just give up right now!

My poor middle child. Her birthday came and went without a mention on this blog. I had a post up and running early on Gracelyn's big day...but not Jemma.

She didn't even get her own day, but had to share it with her wonderful, awesome mama. And, I will admit, I was a little down in the dumps over Mother's Day this year...and I got sick.

So here I am, almost a week and a half later, just getting around to noting how wonderful my now 3-year-old is!

The funny thing is, I have been thinking of her as 3 for a while now. She just seems mature, I guess...always talking, playing, doing everything Gracelyn does. (Except using the potty...ugggh!)

After weeks of going back and forth between a tractor party and a ball party, she finally settled on a basketball theme...here are a few photos:

Doing a happy dance...lots of twirling

She doesn't really like cake, so we did sugar cookies.

And corn on the cob...she's a monster when it comes to eating it.

And a Mother's Day photo :)


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