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Bargain hunting

There are some good deals you just can't (and shouldn't) pass up!
This was one of them:

I bought it for 79 cents at Etc. Shop! 
(I always wonder who donates certain items. Whoever owned this wrote "Hillsboro Church" on the church. Love it.)

 Not only have my children played with it almost every day since buying it, the mat is the same one my brother had way back when. While my kids will never know their uncle, it makes me happy to have a small piece of "him" in our home.

See, a VERY good deal!


  1. Malinda,

    Oh my goodness, what memories! Immediately when I saw the first photo and before I read to the end I thought, "Is that just like Kenneth's?!?!" And yes it is. How awesome. We loved that mat to death! I think we even renamed one of the buildings the S&K Car Wash!

    1. S&K Car Wash...a fitting name, I think :) Megan and I even played with it a bunch! It was a great toy!

  2. Great find for the kids! Getting a cheap stuff for your kids and them loving it is a great feeling!


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