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Finishing Touches - Case's Room

We've lived in our house for over a year. And I can count on one hand the number of posts I've shared about our house...and it's not for lack of excitement.

It's from a lack of finishing touches.

But I've been reading Young House Love's blog lately, and I've been inspired by the way they show the evolution of their houses. They don't wait for the finished product.

I'm not sure why I've been hesitant with showing our house...maybe I'm embarrassed by the slow progress? But such it is with life, right? I try to be transparent with my personal struggles and progress, so why not be transparent with house projects? They are a lot more fun anyway!

So, for the new and improved edition of Finishing Touches...I give you Case's room...in all of its uncompleted glory.

This week my mom came Tuesday to help me paint. I chose a color called Chromium in eggshell finish...that's my favorite! (Side note: I'm pretty sure Chromium was on the walls when we moved in, as I found an empty can in the basement. I actually loved the color, but I was in a hurry to get the girls settled, so we painted before we moved in. But after Case came, we decided the kids needed to switch rooms...thus Case ended up in a pink room. Haste makes waste, right?)

Mom and I got all the walls painted, but the new paint job made the trim look really shoddy...so we started painting with a semi-gloss white. From our old house, I knew trim painting is a lot of work...and even though this trim started as an almost-white (it had a gray hue), it still took two coats to make it acceptable. (Another side: painting rounded trim is difficult...the brush always slides around and misses the edge.)

The doors still need painted...but more on the "To Do" list in a minute. First some after photos:

I put the crib on the opposite side of the room so Case could get better air flow from the single vent in the room. I like the crib there, but haven't decided whether to put the green bench back in. I like it, but it takes up lots of room. I'd love to stand it up, but am afraid that one, two or three of my children would think it's a ladder... What do you think? Should I use it again? Right now it's on the landing...Jemma likes it there:

Another thing I appreciated about a recent YHL post is their use of a detailed "To Do" list. It was inspiring. So last night, I took about an hour to type out my own list. These are the things I have for Case's room:

* Paint walls/trim
* Paint doors
* Figure out toy storage
* Hang art
* Cover or switch out chair
* Switch out yellow wall plates in favor of white
* Figure out the best layout for furniture
* Wire in more outlets (if possible)
* Purchase a lamp
* Hang curtain in playroom door using orange dot fabric (if I have some left!)

And yes, I put things I've already done on my list just so I could cross something off. Don't judge. That all said (in this lengthy post)...I hope to bring more transparency to my home by routinely sharing projects, even if they aren't finished...happy Friday!


  1. I vote for the chair recover! I know it's not the best color choice right now but even so, it looks so inviting. They are so comfy!


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