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Finishing Touches: Win some, dislike some

Here's the front of our house a couple weeks after moving in last summer:

Those statue-holders have baffled me from day one. I can just picture a statue of Mary or something...but stone statues aren't really my thing (nor are lots of bulbs...I'm a minimalist that way. Give me some grass so I don't have to weed!)

So while in Hobby Lobby with Gracelyn on our school shopping trip (it's not my fault the girl shares my love for Hobby Lobby...), we came up with an idea and bought these for $1.50 each (yay 50% off!):

With a can of Rustoleum, they became this:

Spray paint is super fun, by the way. I have a garage-sale-find desk lamp that's up next.
And then, using Scotch brand fasteners (that were awful...the back wouldn't peel off, they made my fingers hurt, and I finally had to use a jar-opener pad just to finish peeling...) I hung them to the statue boxes.

Notice that we also added grass? And relocated some bushes?

How do I rate this project? First, super easy. Second, I only half love it. I was hesitant in the store about what to put opposite the numbers. I really like those, but need a taller potted plant to fill the space. I don't like the other side...I think it might be too matchy-matchy. I think some sort of painted boards will end up being a better fit. I particularly like something like THIS for Christmas. I plan to match my plants, though.

So, I guess that's how it goes with DIY...you win some, you dislike some...and that's why DIY is never done.


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