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Finishing Touches: The bathroom strikes again

Before starting demo on our upstairs bathroom over labor day weekend, Brad and I knew it was going to take awhile to complete the project...and we were right. Our schedules have been such that we haven't revisited the mess since we left it.

We figured it didn't matter much, as that bathroom hadn't worked for quite some time anyway. We made sure everything was tied up and shut the door to keep out the kids.

This morning the bathroom forced our hand...

Soon after Brad left for work, I happened to be in the bathroom and noticed a large "textured" spot on the wall opposite the bath tub.

My thought process went something like this:
"How in the world did shaving cream get over there? Jemma..."
(Poor girl, she gets a bad rap...but Case is gaining ground on her though...)

Upon closer examination, however, it turned out to be a bubble of water slowly working its way along the ceiling and down the wall. Uh oh.

I first checked in our under eve closets...thought maybe we had a roof leak, as the place where it came out in our downstairs bathroom is directly under those closets. Dry. Looked in the upstairs bathroom...thought it looked OK. Called Brad. Re-checked the upstairs bathroom upon his request to check the sink valves. Moved a bucket...and there was the leak.

The bathroom strikes again. At least it wasn't the toilet's fault this time.

While ripping up the bathroom several weeks ago, Brad noted that the valves would need replaced. We assumed it would be OK until we were ready to re-install the sink...

Well-played, bathroom. Well-played.

(Sadly, I didn't snap a photo of the bubble. It was about as big as my hand.
It least it wasn't a gushing mess...something to be thankful for!)


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