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Finishing Touches: The Tale of the Porcelain Throne

We (and by we, I mean Brad) have had to replace the bathroom floor from the subfloor up, in each home we have renovated. Our current home is no exception...

Our 1st home on Adams had two pink bathrooms. Both with squishy floors. The main bathroom's toilet was in decent shape, so we re-used it. The second "bathroom" was actually a pink toilet next to the washer/dryer, so we ended removing that, moving the sink and replacing it with a generously-sized utility sink. Great choice.

When we moved to the country, we didn't expect a squishy floor. But sure enough, the back bathroom toilet started giving us problems, (which ended up being good!) and that lead to the discovery of rotting floor. Can you believe our luck?

It happened about the same way at our current house. Our second-floor half-bath's toilet started acting up a few months after we moved in. In the process of checking out the toilet, we discovered it was no longer sealed and had been leaking onto the floor...and we had no way of determining how long it had been like that.

We promptly blocked off that bathroom with a quilt rack and tried to forget about it. Until this weekend...two little girls needed to use the bathroom at the same time...twice. And Brad and I figured something needed to be done.

Yesterday, while I worked on finishing the ceiling painting on the landing, Brad got busy ripping out floor. I made several trips down the stairs to the Dumpster with squishy floor, all the while praying Brad wouldn't fall through. Yes, it had that much give.

We have a ways to go, but my husband's hard work put a dent in things. This is an in-process deconstruction picture:

Gross work, but necessary.
Anyone else have repeat renovations to tell? Anyone? Or are we alone in our toilet troubles?


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