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Our baby turned one over the weekend. I'm going to admit something right now. The first year is terribly hard for me. I am not one of those lucky parents whose babies sleep from 6 weeks on. My kids have all gone almost a full year before I got even a 6-hour stretch of sleep.

I've determined that I won't feel bad about hating the fog. I love my children. I love babies. They are so sweet and cuddly. But I hate the rage that comes out at 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m., when I desperately need sleep and the baby *thinks* he/she needs fed. Again.

But parents of newborns (who don't let you sleep. ever.), take heart. It does have an end. My 1-year-old is finally sleeping, and my poor exhausted body is sleeping as well...and it doesn't want to wake up. ever.

On top of sleeping, our sweet bubby loves to climb stairs and eat. Lot's of eating. And pushing anything with wheels...he's a speedy little crawler who has no interest whatsoever in walking. He says about 10 words. And he's turning into an amazing little boy.

Here is last year at a few days old, when Megan came to photograph him:

And who can forget this priceless shot?

And here he is, a 1-year-old:

If you are interested, here are some party photos. He loves playing with balloons, so that's the theme we rolled with:


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