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Thankful for Friday

It's been a wearisome week here. Not necessarily bad, just wearisome.

Brad went to Encounter the Cross last weekend, then had multiple evening events/meetings this week, so I single-parented it a bit. And that's OK. It's just when I'm weary, Satan thinks he gets to attack...anybody else have that happen?

I'm not always prepared for it, but I see good changes happening in our house and family, so no wonder the battle rages. And I plan to attend the women's counterpart of Encounter in November...I'm so excited!

That said, in celebration of Friday, I wanted to share a sweet photo. 

We've all heard of a bed of roses...how about a bed of books?

In her defense, this was a 3-child mess...she just happened to fall asleep on top of it. 
See, weary :)

Happy Friday!


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