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Finishing Touches: Kitchen Progress

It seems like lately my life-theme has been Dive Right In...
Including some finishing touches :)

Remember this dilemma?

The paintful choice no longer exists...and yes, I do crack myself up sometimes.

We actually made a color choice awhile ago, but have been working around Brad's farm schedule...so we've been at a standstill, aside from some trimwork here and there.

But I'm thrilled to say that coat one was rolled last night...

And our color choice? Maybe you're curious? Well, it wasn't any of those selections...
Instead, we went with the same color as we used in Case's room. Forgive my blurry, weird photos...I've been playing with white balance on my camera, and still haven't gotten the hang of it. If anyone has camera tips, I'm all ears...

After putting up over 10 options for a blue, I still couldn't find one I loved. I had the look in my head, but nothing transferred to the wall. But I also love gray, and what do you know? I already had a color I loved. Some wonderful ladies with great decorating taste suggested I really COULD do gray even with a jute living/dining room.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it :)


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