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School days

It doesn't seem possible that school has been in session for 9 weeks already! We even went to our first parent/teacher conferences.

So, today I'm going to brag share a little fun fact about Miss G.

She can READ!

I've suspected she was close. She even read "Barbie Pet Vet" to her daddy a week ago...but that's a book she's heard many times, so I wasn't sure. But last night, she read a new book cover to cover (with a little help of course):

For a long while, she fought me to even practice her sight words or read her decodables...so I tried some *eh hem* decoding of my own. This is what I finally asked: "Are you scared if you learn to read that I won't read to you anymore?" 

Nailed it. I made it clear that I wouldn't stop reading to her until she didn't want me to anymore (which I hope is a long time)!

After that conversation, she has been more than willing. I am one proud mama!

Another school "dilemma" we've come across is the amount of papers that come home! We thought Sunday school/Wednesday night was a lot...it's nothing compared to school papers. So, we needed some way to organize.

Right now, I'm throwing all papers into a decorative box in my office. At the end of the month, I plan to take photos of the papers, pick a few to keep and get rid of the rest.

And finally, a fun piece of artwork. Pretty sure Mrs. Boldt will need a decorative box and camera as well, with the amount of art she gets from my little Picasso. 


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