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Last minute gift idea

We are eight days from Christmas. 8! I have most of my shopping done, but have lots (well, ALL) of my wrapping left...I don't find a lot of enjoyment in the hours it takes to wrap, but I need to get started. But really, I will probably procrastinate until the 23rd and then have to do it all at once.

Maybe you're like that with gifts? If so, the kids and I made cute canvas art that we gifted my dad for his birthday this year. We're hoping he takes them to his office. (hint, hint)

I love handprints...and what do you know? You can turn them into fun little creatures. We found these canvases at Walmart, but have also used canvases from Hobby Lobby for some kitchen art...which I will show...eventually. For now, we found inspiration for these on Pinterest, and this is the final result:

For Case's moose, we used his footprint and both hands. Messy, yes. But Brad helped hold him, he liked the tickle of the brush, and he LOVES baths. Win.

Gracelyn fell in love with the duck. For hers, the fingers were squished together with the thumb sticking up. She painted the scene herself.

Jemma also painted her scene...and hid her purple giraffe's legs in the grass. It really is a handprint. She loves using paints and will add layer upon layer until you make her stop :)

What Pinterest ideas (or otherwise) have you used for gifts this year? We love inspiration around here!


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